Trunks is the Son of Vegeta and Bulma and his brother to Bulla.Trunks first turned Super Saiyan when he was at the age 8.His best freind of all his Goten.They also fused into Gotenks.Trunks is 1/2 Saiyan and 1/2 human.In the World Tournament Trunks suprisingly beat his best friend and won the grand prize.Trunks has his grandpa's purple hair and his grandma's blue eyes.He first thought his father vegeta was stronger than his enemy Goku until he saw SSJ3 Goku..His alternate Names are Chibi Trunks,Kid Trunks,Present Trunks & GT Trunks.He only appears in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT.He makes his debut in the amine in episode The Android's Appear in February,12,1992 while in the manga he appears in The Gathered Super Warriors in November,15,1991.